Monday, June 2, 2008

Krom and Bren's High School Reunion

Brenda and I went to our 25th high school reunion a la Romy and Michelle. We had to get in the spirit of the whole event.

Since neither B nor I drive, we had no choice, but to drive in style! We were armed and dangerous with all the necessary supplies - chocolates, Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, and a driver.

For all the fashionistas out there, the most important part of the weekend is: What to wear? My advice is pack for all contingencies, but pack SMART! First, look at the schedule of events for your reunion so you know what types of things you need to bring. For our reunion I knew there would be 2 dinners, a Foreigner concert, lunch/hanging out, brunch, and rain, and therefore, mud! The key is to bring low maintenance items - those that do not require ironing and those that do not take up much space. Here is what I brought:
For traveling and dinner #1 (I wore these shoes because I knew they would be fine in the rain and mud).

For lunch and hanging out the next day (I wore the shoes from dinner #1).

For dinner #2 (It was cool at night so sweaters were necessary).

For the Foreigner concert (Fierce T-shirts and rockin' heels are required for all concerts)!

I couldn't decide which T-shirt to wear so I brought a few. For awesome T's such as these, check out

So this is how the weekend went. The windows to our room, very quaint! Then B and I headed over to lunch.

Now B and I are arriving at dinner #2, and getting our picture taken with the rest of the class.

This is a first for me. I never got to hand over a BIG check before. It was kind of fun!

After dinner, we changed into our "rock concert outfits", and headed over to the Foreigner concert.

Here is Cold as Ice to put you in the Foreigner mood.

B sporting her awesome T, from the Sinful line.

Patrick took our picture, and he was so cute and preppy I asked him if I could get his picture by the school mascot, a wild boar.

Check out this updated version of Cold as Ice.

On our way home, we stopped at Pepe's in New Haven. They serve legendary pizza made in a coal pizza oven. Pepe's has been around since 1925, and is well worth a visit although they do not serve iced tea. A pitcher of Coke sure goes well with pizza, and I only drink soda when I am at Pepe's. As far as pizza places go, Pepe's gets

out of 3 glasses of iced tea

If you're headed to your school reunion, be adventuresome and have FUN!

U r 24K!



Unknown said...

I am headed to my 20th prep school reunion this weekend - thanks for your packing tips - it really helped me to pare down. Looks like you and B had an excellent time.

buffy said...

Great post!