Monday, June 23, 2008

Project Runway at Dylan's

Ricky's Dress

The dresses made out of candy bar wrappers and other items from the Hershey's store on Season 4 of Project Runway are now in the windows of Dylan's Candy Bar.

Christian's Dress, Chris's Dress

Kit's Dress (My favorite in the window)

Sweet P's Dress

Victoria's Dress, Kevin's Dress (Look at the cute clutch underneath the mannequin's arm)!

It's worth a stroll by to check it out!

Dylan's Candy Bar's Vitals
1011 3rd Avenue, at 60th Street

U r 24K!


P.S. It's now October and the dresses are no longer in Dylan's window. The dresses are on their way back to their owner in Ohio - Carson's Wrapped Hershey's Chocolates. This company sells Hershey's chocolate bars in personalized wrappers for any occasion - Anniversaries, Holidays, Weddings, Birthdays, you get the idea. You can find them at

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