Sunday, June 22, 2008

Is Today a "Lazy Sunday"?

It is for me and my "peeps"; we're going to see Get Smart. Maybe I'll even bring some cupcakes to stave off a "snack-attack". And I'm assuming there will be a fashion report post movie!

U r 24K!



Unknown said...

very funny vid - thanks for sharing.

buffy said...

We wanted to see it but the show times only work if you eat popcorn for dinner. Did you see 27 Dresses?

New York, New York said...

No I didn't. Do you recommend it?

buffy said...

It was pretty good but I don't see very many movies. The last one I saw was "Paddle to the Sea" which follows the travels of a tiny, wooden canoe from Ontario to the Atlantic Ocean.

Have you changed your username?

New York, New York said...

Yes. That movie about the canoe sounds interesting. Is that a rental?

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