Monday, June 16, 2008

Is Michelle Obama Stylish?


Michelle needed to choose either the belt or the necklace to make this ensemble work to its full advantage. The necklace competes with the sleekness of the belt, and makes the dress look old-fashioned. Also, the necklace and belt together shorten her torso.

Note the dramatic reveal. Well done Carla!

Way to wear a hat, gloves, handbag, and coat dress and still look thoroughly modern! and regal next to "the Queen".

Even though the shapes are simple, the clothes look luxe and fashion forward. Carla is a style star!

Michelle may have all the advantages of designer labels and access to the finest shops in Chicago, but she does not show them to their or her best advantage. My sista and I were chatting, and thought Michelle looked very Ann Taylor/Banana Republic (AT/BR) before we found out that, in fact, her clothing is very expensive and designed by some of the foremost designers around today. Don't get me wrong, you can get some great stuff at Ann Taylor and Banana Republic, but the purpose of stores like Ann Taylor and Banana Republic is to provide basic pieces or accessories to be mixed with great stuff you already have so you can make the look your own. If their looks are worn head to toe, you end up looking like a billboard for the company; the clothes are wearing you, you are not wearing the clothes. Michelle wears expensive clothing in a very AT/BR way.

The suit below is OK, nothing spectacular.

Wearing a dainty necklace over a turtleneck is tres unattractive!

These are her best looks, simple and sophisticated!

Just because you add pearls doesn't mean you will look stylish!

Below are many black looks which also don't guarantee stylishness. Look #1: cute skirt, but the t-shirt and pearls do nothing for it, Look #2: way too much going on, and again shortening her torso, Look #3: too many horizontal lines, at the neck, at the waist, above the knees, a few inches below the knees

The suit look is kind of boring and corporate; she is not applying for a job, at least, not that I know of. Not enough of her individuality shines through.

I happen to agree with most of my readers' responses to last week's poll. Only 21% thought Michelle Obama is stylish. While she may not be a style icon, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy sure is!

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lnmorgado said...

I agree with all of your comments. Michelle Obama should really get a stylist. Many women think they can style themselves - but they cannot. We all remember when Hillary got her stylist . . . big changes! Hillary looks great on the cover of NYMag btw. Michelle should also get a new hair style. I believe the flip is completely outdated and surely not the best look for her.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about the hair style; she could look much better.

Unknown said...

the hair definitely needs updating - couldn't agree more with you - I never realized how great Carla Bruni looked until you pointed it out. I mean, I know she is goergeous but she really knows how to put herself together. Great pics!

HilLesha O'Nan said...

Her stylist is Maria Pinto. You have to check your information before posting, especially since you run a fashion blog. Your blog has a lot of potential, but you really need to change your layout, because your blog should reflect on what you talk :)

Anonymous said...

I never said whether or not Michelle Obama had or has a stylist so I am not sure why you think I'm misinformed. Thanks for your comments about the layout; those are very helpful. I hope you will continue to check out Maria Pinto is not a stylist; she is the clothing designer who designed Michelle's purple dress. She designs many of Michelle's clothes.

Anonymous said...

Carla was a model and part of the fashion world -She SHOULD have a sense of style. Michelle has some misses but overall all I think she does quite well. Those pictures are quite old and Michelle now looks great!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are old because the post is old, but there is a new post, dated Nov. 6, about Michelle. I hope you'll check it out!