Friday, June 27, 2008

Jeff Koons at the Met

This summer, the work of Jeff Koons is featured in the Roof Garden of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met). The views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline from the roof are breathtaking. The three sculptures on the roof are from his Celebration series which he began in 1993.

The first sculpture you see when you enter the roof garden is the balloon dog which takes you back to your childhood when you took delight in watching performers make toy dogs and other animals out of balloons.

Balloon Dog (Yellow), 1994-2000. High Chromium Stainless Steel with Transparent Color Coating.

The second sculpture is a gift-wrapped heart, and this has a very fantastic and romantic feel to it.

Sacred Heart (Red/Gold), 1994-2007. High Chromium Stainless Steel with Transparent Color Coating.

The third and final sculpture looks like scribbles, but it is actually Piglet (Pooh's BFF) from a coloring book, colored in by Koon's with a marker with the removal of Piglet from the composition. At first, you think you can see through this sculpture, but you later realize the surface is reflective

Coloring Book, 1997-2005. High Chromium Stainless Steel with Transparent Color Coating.

A reflection of the three sculptures in the Met's windows

You should definitely visit the Met to see this exhibit; it is whimsical and amusing!

U r 24K!



buffy said...

It looks amazing. I'm going to try to go this week.

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