Monday, May 19, 2008

Krom's 10 Superfab Style Rules

  1. Everything is in/ Nothing is out. Some style experts say that if an item has not been worn in 1-2 years, it should be discarded; I strongly disagree with this advice. Older items mixed with current styles are often the reason an outfit is distinctive, chic, and fabulous.
  2. Items should be discarded based on fit and quality.

  3. It's all in the mix.
  4. An item should only be purchased if it takes your breath away.

  5. Why wear black? The decision to wear black should be deliberate and not a cop out.

  6. All hemlines can work.
  7. Accessories can change a look dramatically.
  8. Certain designers and stores are "go to". (This list will depend on your aesthetic, physique, and budget).

  9. Comfort and ease are essential. Example: If you try on a beautiful sweater and it is itchy, do not buy it because you will never wear it! You will always think ITCH!

  10. The rule of opposites: contrast makes items pop. Masculine with feminine, neutrals with colors, Fitted items paired with loose ones, rustic with refined, sporty with formal, ethnic items mixed with classic items or a ball gown, you get the idea.
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