Monday, October 20, 2008

Bling It on!

Giles & Brother Pear Cut Cage Earrings, $325

Paola Volpi Criss-Cross Necklace at the Museum of Modern Art Shop, $250

Paola Volpi Oil Filter Necklace also at the Museum of Modern Art Shop, $195

Opulent Earrings at the Cooper-Hewitt Museum Shop, $36

This is Proof Positive that with creativity, cleverness and humor, you can have preciousness, beauty and fierceness without a great deal of costliness.

U r 24K!



madeleine said...

I love the opulent earrings - am really torn between the red and white - What do you think?

Krom said...

The earrings only come in red; it is the back of the earring that is white. So that makes it easy; there is no choice!