Monday, March 2, 2009

David Byrne is the Bomb

How David Byrne's and Brian Eno's latest collaboration, Everything that Happens will Happen Today, came to be.

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Click on Show Playlist, and you can listen to any other song on the album. Krom's Picks: Home, Everything that Happens, Life is Long, and One Fine Day.

David Byrne at Radio City Music Hall

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David Byrne's concert at Radio City Music Hall, February 28, 2009, was unbelievable. Kanye West cannot hold a candle to this consummate performer. David Byrne is a real Renaissance man. Dance, Choreography, Lighting, Music, Composition - he knows how to take care of business. He is a man of the present with a deep knowledge of the past. He can recognize and respect the talent of others and put it to great use. I am talking about his choreographer, Noemie Lafrance and whomever he put in charge of his stage lighting.

His Ever so Talented Pips

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"Burning down the House" Finale with an Homage to the Rockettes

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This was the most SuperFab concert I have ever had the pleasure to attend. David Byrne has set the bar on top of the world.

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Anonymous said...

Really great post. It looks and sounds amazing. I watched some of the vid on the website you linked me to. I want to go to Europe to see it. How'd you get to go?

New York, New York said...

I bought tickets when I found out about the concert. You can go on his website to see his future concert dates.