Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pearls of Wisdom

Subversive Jewelry


Louis Vuitton

Tom Binns

David Yurman


Nina Ricci, Lanvin

Certain images from the fashion magazines over the past few months have remained on my mind. When we were dropping off my son at camp, we had to make one last Target run to get last minute supplies. Whenever I go to Target, I have to check out the GO International section; and in the back of my mind, I remembered that Subversive Jewelry was making a guest appearance at Target. I wanted to check this out as well. First, I headed to GO. Rogan was the guest designer when I was there; nothing really caught my eye so I headed over to jewelry.

All the Subversive stuff is under lock and key so I had to get assistance which I am usually loath to do. Surprisingly getting assistance was not annoying or time consuming. If you go to Target's website, you can get the jewelry online, and it is now on sale. The woman who assisted me told me that each Target store which received the Subversive line only received one of each piece in the collection. I tried on a few of the necklaces; the necklace below caught my attention. It reminded me of some of the images above. Since my birthstone is pearl, I have always had a certain affection for pearls. Considering the jewelry above is between $300 (on sale) and $7,600 for the costume pieces and "price upon request" for David Yurman's pearls, I thought $59.99 (full price) was a very wise deal; although, I had never spent so much on one item at Target before. The pearl necklace below I envisioned with a white summer dress or a gray cashmere sweater. I am looking forward to wearing this superfabulous piece of jewelry!

Subversive jewelry at Target

U r 24K!


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