Friday, August 31, 2012

Taking It to Target

Girls and Boys, check out the Collaborations happening at Target September 9, 2012
The Shops at Target highlights distinctive specialty stores and boutiques from near and far, offering affordable, limited-edition collections co-created by the shop owners. In September 2012, Target will launch the fall installment of The Shops at Target, with collections from four shops: New York City’s Kirna Zabête and Odin, San Francisco’s The Curiosity Shoppe and Boston’s PATCH NYC. The collections reflect each shop owner’s perspective, offering us the opportunity to experience each shop simply by visiting Target or beginning September 9, 2012.

Kirna Zabete and Target Collaborate

Odin's in the Mix for the Men
 First on offer for the ladies, scarves from Kirna Zabete.
 Scarves, $22.99

Next, and what made me take notice of the collaboration, a Kromworthy sweater, albeit sight unseen.

Sweater, $29.99
This next accessory really disappoints to an HNL.  To the eye it looks pretty cute and clever, but armed with a little knowledge about jewelry, sometimes what meets the eye is not all that matters... These ladies ripped off Solange Azagury-Partridge, and they should know better, given they represent very high end designer labels... uggh, I hate hypocrisy!
 Bracelet, $24.99
Target's version of Solange's Treasures, with no shout out!
Solange Azagury-Partridge's Jewels, The Real Thing

Union Jack Lips, $1,925

Solid Color Enameled Lips, $1,500
Now for the gentlemen,

Flannel Shirt, $29.99, Canvas Pant, $34.99, Jacket, $69.99

Desert Boot, $44.99

Scarf, $19.99 and Hat, $14.99

Duffel Bag, $39.99

For the home, there are the callaborations with the Curiosity Shoppe and Patch NYC.
Feather Platter, $19.99
You know I ♥ the ironic and useless, Priceless 
(although there is nothing ironic about this bell)

Cheesy America?

Be yourself, be original and be good, but, most importantly, look superfabulous while you're doing it!

U r 24K!