Friday, September 16, 2011

In Harlem, Things Got off to a Rough Start

...when the restaurant was practically empty, and I couldn't be seated until my complete party arrived a.k.a. Brenda. All I wanted to do was put my stuff down, have an iced tea, open my newspaper and wait for B.

The attitude, are you f#*!ing kidding me ridiculous. I don't care how popular you are. In the service industry, you better suck up to the customer! Only if you want me to come back.

Noon reservation, REALLY, you're afraid you'll run outta tables for, I dunno, people who don't have reservations and walk right in. Oh right, those people can't even come in. Well, they can, but they will sit in the bar area or outside, provided there is room of which there was plenty at this hour, on this day.

Bar Area, Dining Room

So who are the empty tables for? Air, I suppose. These people would love The Breslin at the Ace Hotel! They'd feel right at home, same policy when lots o' tables are empty.

Now let's see if the food and service can overcome my initial poor impression and bad mood.

Before B arrived, I thought I'd try to sit down again. Success! First, they brought me to a table with chairs; not my first choice, I'm a banquette girl. So I asked if I could sit at another table with the required banquette. The host had to check, but it all worked out.

Iced Tea with a slice of orange, my mood is starting to improve. A three course lunch a.k.a. the Lunch Box for $17, I think we're on an upward spiral. The waiter, super friendly, welcoming and attentive, will add points to the Red Rooster's final Iced Tea rating. Iced tea refills, now all is well in KromWorld.

The lunch box won me over for fabulousness. An excellent salad kicked off the meal which was followed by lamb and sweet potato hash with egg custard, rosemary, beets, and an egg on top. Dessert delivered, a Lady Baltimore cupcake, lemon, dried cherries, and walnuts.

We began with the cornbread accompanied by honey butter and tomato jam.

Our meal looked so delicious, the guys next to us wanted the low down. They somehow missed the best deal on the menu. Turns out, it was hip hop artist, Black Rob of Whoa fame and Terrence McNeill of Son of a Gun Entertainment, very entertaining guys. We even got Rob to sing a little Whoa for us. I think B and I are now on their VIP lists. They were very interested in Brenda's hobby, belly dancing. When asked if I was a dancer too, I had to play the ice hockey card. Got lots of street cred for that one, and a fist bump.

Click Black Rob for Whoa

Red Rooster gets out of 3 glasses of iced tea.

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