Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Plaid to Meet You

On the streets of New York, plaid shown to its full advantage!

When I was in boarding school, my roommate Sooze and I wanted to open a plaid store called "Plaid to Meet You". Everything was going to be plaid including the sidewalk outside the store. Beautiful plaid curtains, luxurious plaid sofas, and perfect plaid cookies were to await our plaid loving customers. We were going to sell plaid pajamas, plaid ball gowns, plaid loafers, plaid condoms, plaid blankets, plaid handbags, plaid swimsuits, plaid T-shirts and, of course, Scotch tape. There was no limit to what we were going to sell, as long as it was plaid and beautiful. Well, as you know I did not open that shop, but anytime I see superfabulous plaid product, I buy it!

Paul Smith scarf

Look at the flawless plaid details on my scarf!

You can use Plaid around your pad! (Burberry pillow, Old Navy pencils)

Plaid is no fad. (Blankets from Ireland and England, Burberry blanket)

It's a Plaid, Plaid world!

Plaid is for all seasons, and weather.

Burberry hats

Lola and Paul Smith hats

Even my cash loves Plaid! (Vivienne Westwood wallet)

...more Plaid around the pad.

Jim Thompson frame and Ralph Lauren box

As you see, I'm mad for Plaid! (Marc Jacobs dress and Burberry skirt)

J. Crew shoes and Comme des Garcons top

Plaid is good enough for my lad. (Barbour jacket)

I hope you will elevate the status of plaid to Superfabulous as I have! Long live Plaid!

U r 24K!


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