Thursday, June 12, 2008

Superfabulous Park Avenue Summer

When you walk into Park Avenue Summer (which by the way, changes every season with regard to name, decor, and menu), after a visit with the maitre d', you are greeted by a superfabulous bar. If you go straight to the ladies' or men's room to wash up before lunch, you pass another ice bar. Look how cool the fixtures are in the bathroom.

When you are ready to make your way to the dining room, you will be delighted by the scene before you.

The flower arrangements are absolutely wondrous. This is where we sat.

This is the excellent tuna tartare appetizer.

Below are the amazing Caesar salad with cured lemons and fried clams. When you order the Caesar salad make sure the cured lemons are there; the second time I ordered the salad, the lemons were missing.

The two desserts we ordered were out of this world. The chocolate cube was very rich, and rapidly devoured and the summer raspberries with goat cheese mousse were very refreshing!

The iced tea is excellent, large, and refills are available. All the accoutrements you could imagine accompany the iced tea (my favorite, the mint leaves). Park Avenue Summer gets

out of 3 glasses of iced tea

Park Avenue Summer's Vitals
100 East 63rd Street

U r 24K!



buffy said...

I'm jealous. We eat at McDonald's done here.

Anonymous said...

Well, come up here, and I'll give you a food tour.