Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some Amazing Holiday Finds

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5. 6.

1. For the Man in your life, Gold Lines Watch, Museum of Modern Art Store

2. For the boy or girl going off to boarding school, Deck of Cards Flask, Museum of Modern Art Store

3. For the home, Ropeball Doorstop, Made in England, Design Within Reach

4. Perfect gift for me, Cosine Clothing Rack (very Hermes!), Design Within Reach

5. For the old school cuckoo clock lover, Bears on Seesaw Cuckoo Clock, Made in Switzerland and Germany, Gorsuch

6. For the modernist cuckoo clock lover, Modern Cuckoo Clock, Made in Italy, Unica Home

May you get as good as you give!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

The Girls Came over

Monday afternoon is designated for Bridge with the girls. I bought macarons, petit fours and canapes from Payard. I made a pot of Mariage Freres Bolero tea, French Riviera fruity black tea. This exquisite tea does not get bitter no matter how long it steeps; it's fool-proof and delicious.

A little card game can be a great excuse for taking the time to appreciate and enjoy others.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Heaven is a Place on Earth

I know. I was there last Thursday. I visited Angel Sanchez at his atelier and showroom for a tour and lunch. His luxurious gowns and dresses drew me right in; they took my breath away.

Details from the Racks above such as Feathers, Beads, and Paillettes and Detail on one of the Wedding Gowns

Angel is a very warm, welcoming, talented, charming and open man. He graciously showed us around his sophisticated and gorgeous space. Trained as an architect, his designs combine classicism and modernity thereby pushing the classic forward. His clothes are works of art.

His office is a beautiful study in black and white with punches of color like the clothes he designs.

Two Great Works of Art on Adjacent Walls

These two dresses hanging on the wall in his office added to the great works of art.

As we went from Angel's office to the atelier,we passed a wall with all his sketches and swatches.

At the end of the wall was a sublime dress; thin strips of silk were rendered to look like an exquisite explosion. Angel was delighted to show me this dress.

When we reached his workroom, his seamstress was very busy, happily working on a gown. She took time out to pose with Angel for me.

In the sitting area of his showroom are two pictures on the wall showing whatever collection is current, presently Spring 2009.

Tables were beautifully set for lunch.

During lunch, some of the dresses and gowns from Angel's Spring 2009 collection were modeled.

The two sketches on the far right

have been brought to life. (bottom right drawing)

(top right drawing)

Any fabrics with patterns used by Angel are designed by Angel, and the patterns are superbly incorporated into the line and shape of the dress or gown.

Another Version of a Graphic Gown

Angel is explaining the design and construction of this stunning cocktail dress.

Angel uses black silk strips to brilliant effect.

This dress shouted New Year's Eve to me! All the stripes are vertical strips of silk layered with just the right amount of paillettes.

The design on the bodice of this black gown is constructed using frayed silk strips.

Red Silk Gown, from Sketch to Reality

The red pattern on this white dress is created from silk strips sewn together.

These are two of my favorite gowns from Angel Sanchez's Spring 2009 collection.

Thank you Angel for the heavenly afternoon and for being so insightful, ingenious and discerning. It means a lot to us girls.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Since my Bestie Can't Wear Heels...

With the dress and clutch she selected for the renewal of her vows,

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I'm offering her something blue, something new, and something for her tender heel.

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