Friday, May 9, 2008

Malcolm McLaren is Superfabulous

I met the superfabulous Malcolm McLaren last night at the most superfabulous party ever, the opening of the superfabulous Tom Sachs's Bronze Collection, MUCH MORE on that in my next entries. Anyway, I spoke with Mr. McLaren, and he told me his favorite song is "Somewhere over the Rainbow". His favorite possession is a painting he did when he was 21 and in art school; it's a self-portrait on a grid with "I will be so bad" written all over it.

Anyway, here is an awesome music video of his, not classic, but still superfabulous!

For those of you whom prefer his classics with the Sex Pistols, here's "God Save the Queen". Fashion note: the superfabulous Vivienne Westwood designed most of the Sex Pistols' clothing.

U r 24K!



bbq-er said...

this catchy Malcolm McClaren song sounds suspiciously like "you can call me al" (1986) . . . . hmmm I wonder . . . .great video . . . double dutch-ers.

New York, New York said...

What's interesting is that this song came first (1983). It makes Paul Simon seem much less original. It also sounds like some of his ethnic inspired music.

lnmorgado said...

perhaps that's why Paul Simon looked so unhappy in that video . . .he is thinking . . . "now that Chevy is involved; they will surely catch me copying someone else's melody. . . "