Tuesday, October 29, 2013

From the Personal KromStyle Archives

My favorite image ever...
My #2 Son Sharing a Learning Moment with his Uncle
Some would be appalled, but this picture always makes me smile.

The Polaroid is probably 15 years old, but timeless... although the kid swore off plaid for the better part of a decade much to my silent chagrin.


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Friday, October 25, 2013

Frivolous Friday is Always More Fun

Thirsty Thursday is soooooo yesterday...
Lot 57

Estimate $3,000 - $4,000
Starting Bid $1,500

If money is no object, this the way to go in the cocktail set department.  
However if you're for reals, and seriously know your way around cocktail land, this is going to be more your speed... which means you've collected tools that work for you as you come across them.

David Wondrich's Kit
The project will dictate the tools. Never sacrifice form. Respect your
Jellyfish Eyes by Takashi Murakami

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's Thirsty Thursday at KromStyle

To quench that thirst, I've got just what you need...
Coach X Billy Reid Cocktail Set, $600
This is what Coach has to say... From our design partnership with the Alabama-based designer Billy Reid comes the limited edition Kentucky Cocktail Set, a distinctive item for hosts who appreciate the finer points of presentation. After visiting the Coach archive, Reid was inspired by our tradition of creating men’s lifestyle products to design a portable bar set with all the essentials. Handsomely crafted in smooth leather and lined in a custom jacquard Reid designed for his dinner jackets, it includes everything you need to create the perfect cocktail for your guests. I'm not usually a proponent of Coach products, but this accessory seems essential.
You only need to possess beautiful things. 
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Monday, October 21, 2013

Are You F*©₭ing Kidding Me, DailyCandy?!

I think I need DailyCandy like never again... and I'm the kind of person that opens the fridge when I wake up to get a piece of chocolate. BTdubs, a great way to start the day!
Chocolate Bar, 2012 by Adam McEwen
This hit my inbox this morning. Drum roll please. DailyCandy editors want to help me find jeans to "make my ass and legs look like a gift to the world"...you can't make this sh!t up. But the kicker is the image that accompanies the copy.
DailyCandy Editors
Who would entrust any of these people to supply that kind of advice? OK, I'm going to exclude the guy from this rant, but they don't seem to be able to make their own legs look like 'I'm ready to leave the apartment', and we can't even see their asses which, quite frankly, left to the imagination is making me wince.  This group could do a lot better and I think the biggest issue is the fit and proportion of the garments they have chosen for themselves.

The icing on the cake... the message's subject is, "Jeans That Break Necks". Really? I don't think anyone needs to invest in a neck brace. Or click to see what their jeans selections are.

You can tell me what to do if you know what you're doing.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Way Way Late Emmy Breakdown

Special K: Ready for Emmy red carpet?

Me: No, I got my NHL draft tonight...can u work it for me?

Special K: Yes if you explain NHL draft to me. You got what?

Me: I'm doing fantasy hockey

Special K: Special K gearing up with assistant. Need a name for Giulia

Me: Excellent👍 Let's call her G-pup.

Special K: Got it ok. Beer is involved?

Me: Nah 🍻🍸hard to believe Right?!

Special K: Gotta go need to charge phone

Me: Me too Have fun.

Special K and G-pup went to watch the Emmys. After reviewing their analysis, I chime in with my breakdown after looking at images from the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles on September 22, 2013.

Special K: Be careful of the quicksand. Mind the gap...

Me: Always minding the gap! What kinda quicksand are we talking?

Special K: Human quicksand. Ok here we go!

Me: Make it spicy!

Special K: Do my best... Zosia Mamet in Honor. Heinous. Who is she anyway?

Zosia Mamet in Honor
Me way way late: Shosh from Girls and she's like my favorite, funniest girl on the show. I actually think this gown has a lot going for it: silhouette, colors, pattern. Drawback: Leather detail sketchiness.

Special K: Ryan seacrest looking great in Burberry
Ryan Seacrest in Burberry/Gray Tuxedo Trend
Me way way late: I'm fine with it, but I'm looooving these guys.
Jon Hamm and LL Cool J Keeping It Fresh
Special K: Noooo Heidi Klum in Versace with neck brace. And cheerleader hair 

Heidi Klum in Versace
Heidi's "Cheerleader" Hair
Special K: She is so pretty and obviously smoking hot bod, but I would like to see a more sleek hair style.

Me way way late: In agreement, sleek hair could definitely improve the attitude of the dress... too much beading, kinda old lady in a weird way. Sleeker hair would definitely mitigate the dress's mustiness and give it a more fresh, space-age vibe.

Special K: I don't know who she is, but I think if you have tattoos you should not wear a cut out dress showing your tats. Yuck
Lena Dunham of Girls
Me way way late: You gotta be talking about Lena Dunham... everyone talks about her tats.

Special K: Katrina Bowden 30 rock. Holy shit gorgeous
Katrina Bowden in Badgley Mischka
Me way way late: Agreed! Earrings are SuperFabulous with gown. She aptly illustrates a little beading goes a long way!

Special K: So boring. No spice... this show.

Special K: Kolbie Smulders very nice color dress, very strange breast region
Colbie Smulders in J. Mendel
Me way way late: I have no problems with Colbie's look.

Special K:  Ana Faris. I mean seriously with all the cash these people have. Scary looking. Halloween scary
Anna Faris in Monique Lhuillier
Me way way late: Extremely difficult color to pull off...

Special K: OMG Laura Dern looks amazing. Hope for us more mature ladies
Laura Dern in Naeem Khan
Me way way late: Taking it to an HNL!

Special K: Elizabeth Moss, love the hair, love the dress. Gotta go feed my horses. Sorry will miss some of the action...

Elizabeth Moss in Andrew Gn
Me way way late: Nothing wrong here.

Special K: Ok, now the show's getting good... Best dress, best shoes, best jewelry, Allison Williams? From Girls. I want the serpent ring!!!
Allison Williams in Ralph Lauren
Fi-erce Roger Vivier's
Tina Fey in Narciso Rodriguez and also the Roger Vivier's
Me way way late: Allison and Tina both convey a sense of spareness in the same palette and shoes and I like it!

Special K: But Claire Danes looks gorgeous too
Claire Danes in Armani Prive
Me way way late: Yes she does! And I'm not usually an Armani Prive fan, but this dress is perfect on her and conveys a sense of ease.
Me: Keep it coming...👠👗👛 

Special K: Good emoji! I'm out... going to bed. #1 was Allison Williams in Ralph Lauren. Check out her Vivier shoes. I call them FI erce. She called them"menacing". So she's pretty and clever too. Best accessory to being pretty is being clever😍 Night night. Good luck in the NHL!
Me: Thanks! U da best!🏆

Me: Wait, What happened to G-pup's commentary?

Special K: She didn't watch the show.

Me: WTF?

Me way way late: As great as Allison looked, she's not my #1. There are a few others deserving of mention.
Zooey Deschanel in J.Mendel
Older Sister, Emily Deschanel in Custom Vegan Gown by Houghton
Jessica Pare in Oscar de la Renta Dress and Shoes
 What makes Pare's look so special is the combination of dress and shoes.

Carrie Underwood in Ramon Keveza
Her jewelry is soooo snore and dowdy...if she wanted to standout, any of these could have been round her neck.

Victorian Snake Necklace
Bulgari Snake Necklace
Carvin French Snake
Roberto Cavalli Snake Necklace, $1,995
Cartier Snake Necklace

After all, it is year of the snake!

Loooove the dress, but the hair should be less styled and freer.

Taylor Schilling in Thakoon Gown

This is what I'm talking about!

Perfect Hair for the White Dress
Loooove the other details though!

Perfect Clutch, Nails and Cuff

My #1s, Michelle Dockery in Prada and Kiernan Shipka in a Delpozo Dress

Wear the clothes. Don't let them wear you.
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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gimme Gorgeous

I couldn't have come up with a better name... Good thing Katja Bartholmess is the brains behind this operation.

Katja's Comme des Garcons Nails
Too busy to go to the salon?

Gimme Gorgeous promises to deliver all your beauty needs.

Seamless brings food so Katja thought, why can't beauty services be delivered?  The idea was born when Katja was sick and stuck at home. She was able to have her food and other things delivered, but not her salon visits. And so this skilled beauty brand strategist didn’t hesitate a second, she came up with Gimme Gorgeous.
Invite some friends over and Live Large
Katja wants to make sure that gorgeous follows you wherever you want to receive beauty services whether it be at home, the office or the place you have to wait while your toddler takes gym or music class.  Katja, originally from Berlin, is launching her brand new start up Gimme Gorgeous in New York and Berlin.
Gimme Gorgeous will function as a website and an app which will allow you to book visits from your favorite salons in the area where you are.

If you subscribe to Gimme Gorgeous, there will be invitations.

This appeared in my Inbox:
Lunch Nails in the Park
Coming up: Madison Square Park and Bryant Park
Do you live or work near Madison Square Park or Bryant Park? Do you like perfect nails?

-- Then today's message is just for you! (If you're nowhere near there and feel left out, get in touch.)

Next Monday (August 5),
we will set up Camp Gorgeous at both parks and would love to do your nails while the birds are coo-cooing and the leaves are lush and lovely around us.

No eating at your desk on Monday. We would really love if you came out and got your nails did. (Gimme Gorgeous is so new and we are testing awesome ways to get you gorgeous.)
Madison Square Park: between 11:45am and 1:00pm
Bryant Park: between 1:15pm and 2:30pm(It's just $15 for filing, polish, and one piece of nail art per hand. Super secure credit card payment with Paypal -- you don't need an account.)

Meet your Lunch Manicurist

The nail artrice Claire Beaudreault is a fully licensed specialty manicurist who works at Freckle Salon in Brooklyn and on independent endeavors. Her latest nail feats include an editorial in Vogue Spain and look books for Carven and Free People.  She's already booked solid for New York Fashion Week. 

Getting Nails Done in the Park
Build it... They will come.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

KahriAnne Kerr Conjures Kool

Images Courtesy of Preston L. House
Kahrianne Kerr and Friends
I got an inviation to see KahriAnne's Spring 2014 Collection during New York's Fashion Week. Her clothes are beautifully precise, edgy and rich in essential details: leather strips, lace insets, feathers, vivid colors, lustrous silks, metallic linens...
Neoprene Looks
Silver-coated Linen and Leather
Metallic-coated Linen, Leather, Silk and Feathers

Metallic-coated Linen, Leather and Silk Lining

4 Ply Silk and Leather
Eyelet and Leather
More Eyelet and Leather
Eyelet, Leather and Silk
Ponte, Leather, Embroidered Lace and Nude Mesh
Striped Linen, Leather and Silk Lining
The red striped and leather dresses are among my favorite in this collection along with the red, black, and nude dress.

Black Ponte, Leather and Nude Mesh

Leather and Silk Finale
Leather Strip Detail
KahriAnne grew up on a farm in northeast Iowa. Tired of generic mall clothing, she started to make her own clothing in high school. Having no sewing experience, she proceeded to teach herself how to sew and design. It was in the spring of 2002, when KahriAnne was a freshman at BYU-Idaho, that her clothing was first showcased on a runway.  The fashion design department at BYU-Idaho named her the “Most Promising Designer” for 2001-2002. 
KahriAnne set up her first mini store back in her hometown; she sold her clothes, artwork, and quilts in a 10’x10’ space. Then she moved to Ames to attend Iowa State University. Luckily, Zushy, a local boutique, picked up Kahri and soon KahriAnne became a local celebrity, with her designs quickly selling out. She also received recognition from the fashion department at Iowa State University. A pair of hand-painted pants and a hand-beaded top were chosen to be displayed at the Iowa State Fashion Showcase in October 2002. In Spring 2003, KahriAnne entered two women’s collections in the Iowa State Annual Fashion Show (the only sophomore to do so). Both collections were accepted and displayed on the runway. 
KahriAnne headed to New York in 2003 to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). Lucky for us! She then began to sell her collection in stores such as Scoop and e-boutiques. Kahri also set up a temporary mini-store in SoHo, as a part of the designer collective, Burrow, in Spring 2005. After FIT, she focused on designing and selling her collection, as well as working various design jobs. 
Her line has grown and evolved over the years. Recently KahriAnne has branched out to include millinery, jewelry and handbags to coordinate with her hip, rocker chic women’s clothing line. Her new line KA by KahriAnne Kerr was launched in Fall 2010 for the rebellious fashionista on a budget. Both collections are made in NYC.
The Spring 2014 collection will be in stores and online in February or March. Right now on Kahrianne's website, you can acquire these very covetable pieces.
Shearling Jacket with Black Leather Panels, $668
Silk Charmeuse Camisole with Handkerchief Hem and  Black Lace Trim, $75 was $153
Kool facts:
KahriAnne  won the 3rd episode of “24 Hour Catwalk” with Alexa Chung on Lifetime.

Celebrities such as Keri Hilson, Fergie, Jayma Mays, Aubrey O’Day, Brandi Carlisle, and Paris Hilton have rocked Kahri gear on and off the red carpet.
Kahrianne is very inspired by music and musicians. Among her muses are Cat Power, Gwen Stefani and Shirley Manson from Garbage. 
Cat Power's Manhattan, Click to Enjoy!
We are responsible for our image. 
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