Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Oscars are so 5 days ago...

But here's the lowdown nonetheless.

After her performance at the Oscars, Emma showed us she is one to watch... Hilarious and Stylish.

Natalie usually looks flawless, but I'm not loving the line of her necklace. Everything else works!

Michelle got the necklace right, but the pin at her waist is a don't in this instance.

Octavia proves you don't need to be a walking skeleton to be hot in Hollywood!

Comfortable can be beautiful.

The Mara sisters got it going on.

Kristin Wiig takes it to an HNL.

As does T-Fey!

Cruz got the color right, but the hair's a little uptight.

McQueen makes Jessica Chastain stand out.

Showing us old school is winning!

Usually I'm not a fan, but Brad pulled it off.

Funny, I feel as if I'm in a beauty pageant, and the host just asked me what my favorite colors are. (Red, White and Blue)

U r 24K!