Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Script Double L Makes Me Sparkle

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Hand-engraved Champers Ring
I met Laura Lobdell, the script double L to which I'm referring, through a postcard from Jay Kos, a long since gone upper east side purveyor to hedgefunders of a most discerning sartorial nature. Jay only sent the best cards: either it was a super fabulous sale for his customers on a budget of which there were very few or something beautiful was going to be unearthed. Strangely and Luckily for me, it was something for the girls...Laura Lobdell was going to be visiting his shop and taking orders for the very personal, beautiful and magical treasures she creates. Old Cracker Jack Box prizes, cigarette stubs, beer can tabs, lobster claws, seashells, macaroni, matches, nails and candy are among her muses made in silver, gold, blue diamonds, pearls, orange sapphires...
Matchstick Earring
Beer Can Tab Earrings
Champagne...it has taken me many words to get here. She makes it very personal...maybe that's why we seem to connect on a deeper level, a love of champagne. The casing for the cork is made in precious metal, silver, gold, pink gold, your choice, exquisitely hand-engraved, and can be worn wherever, fingers, wrists, nape...you decide how you want to wear your memories. 

Hand-engraved Champers Necklace
Rose gold and Silver Champers Necklace
Personalized Champers Ring
Cuff links to be Hand-engraved
The tension between an object with little intrinsic value and preciousness madly attracts me. So it is no surprise that I would worship at the altar of Laura Lobdell where she creates the alchemy of my imagination. She is able to bring to life the ethereal things that elusively float in the bubble over my head. 
Blue Enamel Hand-engraved Champers Ring and Champers Ring with 16 Blue Diamonds each Representing a Weekend in Summer, $1,250
Laura's shop is like entering a jewel box, magic abounds! 

Living Large is about the pursuit of Magic. 
U r 24K!