Friday, July 18, 2008

Not Only Clothes, but a Gallery Too!

When you think Anthropologie, you usually think clothes, accessories, and decorative items for the home. I got this great Velvet shirt at the Rockefeller Center location last week.

Even though it is basically just a T shirt, it is so much more. The shape is reminiscent of many superfabulous blouses and dresses from seasons past.

Marc Jacobs, Fall 2006

Prada, Spring 2007

Louis Vuitton, Spring 2008

Louis Vuitton, Spring 2008

Bottega Veneta, Spring 2008

Runway photos courtesy of

In my excitement about clothes, I digressed just a bit. Not only is Anthropologie a clothing store, but its Rockefeller Center location also houses a petite art gallery. Currently, Eloise Danch's art is on display. And if you love clothes as much as I do, I think you'll enjoy viewing her work.

U r 24K!



buffy said...

Great post! I got a similar shirt recently. We´re off look for some style in Barcelona.

Anonymous said...

Have fun!

buffy said...

I love that dress. I saw an exhibit on Las Meninas at the Picasso Museum that reminded me of it. I wonder if I could wear it.