Monday, July 28, 2008

I Heart Isabel and Ruben Toledo (Part III)

As my sista and I were leaving the penthouse, Ruben asked us if we had seen Isabel's studio downstairs; since we had not, we HAD to check it out! Even going from the penthouse to the studio was easy on the eyes. It's like visiting a museum.

As we approached the door to the studio, these mannequins and lions welcomed us.

She was ready for her close-up.

Isabel's studio is divided into 3 spaces: her office, her sewing room and a hallway connecting the two.

This is her office. Everything about it is beautiful, and artfully arranged. Although with Isabel and Ruben, you get the sense that it all occurs naturally and unintentionally and wherever and whenever they happen to lay something down it becomes part of a magical composition.

Behind the Desks

A Newspaper Clipping about the Isabel Toledo Ensemble Worn by Michelle Obama and Isabel and Ruben at the Met's Costume Institute Gala

I had written a post about Michelle Obama's style or lack thereof, Is Michelle Obama Stylish?, but Isabel Toledo + Tom Binns = Total Superfabulousness. I've never seen Michelle look better!

More Brilliantly Arranged Stuff behind the Desks

This mirror hung high on the wall looks majestic; upon closer inspection, you can see the common materials used in its construction.

Even the dress form looks like a work of art.

This dress stands guard in front of Isabel's office. I love this dress in all its seeming simplicity.

The details at the neck are exquisite.

In the hallway, there were racks of magnificent dresses. I wanted to try every single one of them on.

Her sewing machine is a thing of beauty, at least to my eyes. And to think, this simple machine is capable of making such a glorious collection. Of course, Isabel's ingenuity is the driving force behind the machine's accomplishments.

The fabric of and the details on this dress caught my eye.

I'm a huge fan of trompe l'oeil! The fabric is so rich looking.

This mannequin decorated by Ruben would look great in the dress above.

Come to think of it, this mannequin would look great in anything or nothing!

I hope you enjoyed the Studio tour!

U r 24K!



rainmaker said...

Hi! Love the pic you put up of Natalie and I. By the way my skirt is by Karolina Zmaralak. I LOVE her to death - she does custom-made-to-measure clothing. That skirt is part of a two-piece suit. -Rebecca Suhrawardi Austin

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know about your skirt; it is cut beautifully.