Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Astounding Argentine Barbeque!

The afterparty to Kanye's concert was at K's and A's house Sunday afternoon. The barbeque was a celebration of the anniversary of Argentina's May Revolution. It was a beautiful day - sunny with a gentle breeze floating across the screened-in porch. The barbeque itself came all the way from Argentina.

The Argentinians take their superfabulous barbeque and beef very seriously. The science of it was lost on me, but the taste sure wasn't. I never tasted beef that was so flavorful. And the beef empanadas brought by one of the Argentine guests were phenomenal. The salad was truly exceptional and complimented the beef superbly. There were two other dishes which I failed to document, but were no less incredible - 2 kinds of sausage on baguette, and ribs bathed in a mustard marinade.

I usually don't eat beef, but I made an exception on this day, and it sure was worth it!

K's horses added ambiance to the day, and were camera ready!

And the solar panels added social consciousness to the day!

Viva Argentina! Cheers to K and A!

U r 24K!



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