Monday, May 26, 2008

Kanye West, Jennifer Hudson, and I Came Home for Memorial Weekend!

Every now and then, I need to visit my oldest BFF - Chicago. Born and bred there, Chicago has a special place in my heart. When I was away at school in Connecticut, I thought about Chicago often, and missed her terribly. I always wanted to show her off to my friends from other places. I always felt I was lucky to know Chicago!

Me, on the Chicago street named for my grandfather

[Side Note] How Krom was coined: While I was away at school, my friends shortened my surname to arrive at my nickname.

Well, this weekend was extra special because not only was I visiting my BFF, but Kanye was as well. I attended his Saturday night concert in Chi-town with Kirstoner, a college BFF. Rihanna, NERD, and Lupe Fiasco joined Kanye in making this concert the experience of a lifetime. But it gets better, Jennifer Hudson, one of the guys from VH1's I love New York plus 2 were sitting right next to us. J-Hud, tugging at her baseball cap, was hoping to go unnoticed; however, she was unsuccessful, as her beauty gave her away.

Here are some photos from the concert:

This is Kanye's ode to Chi-town, and a favorite song of mine:

Further, the weekend was topped off with "Fireworks at Lake Michigan".

How can you not love Chicago?

I hope you had a great Memorial weekend too! There is much more to come from Chi-city!

U r 24K!



Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!! Jennifer Hudson and Punk from I Love New York 2 are actually dating. What were they doing. Were they acting like a couple. How was Jennifer acting!!!!!

New York, New York said...

Punk was posing for pictures with fans, and Jennifer was very low key. Most people sitting around us did not realize it was her. But, I have it on good authority that they are dating.

buffy said...

In Blender magazine Kanye said: "I have liked big tits ever since I was a kid. I was breastfed for too long. It messed me up."