Monday, December 1, 2008

Mission: Find the Right Accessories

A green gown and beautiful golden Manolo Blahniks were purchased for a very special occasion.

Back of the Gown

We met at Neiman Marcus to begin our search. Because the neckline of the gown is so high, I knew the earrings would be our starting point. They needed to be dramatic, whether it be the size or color of the earring, I was not sure. I would have liked to go with more color, but we did not find a suitable pair. My client picked out about a half dozen pairs that she liked and I added another three or four. The pair she ultimately selected was a pair I selected for her that she did not even want to try on because she felt they were too crazy. Anytime I see something that I think would look great on someone that they initially don't like, I encourage them to try it on because most of the time they can see how great it looks on them even though they would have never previously considered the item. The Ippolita earrings are large gold hoops with clear quartz stones.

Next, we headed to Saks to find a bracelet. This took much less time as the earrings were a huge factor in this decision. My client wanted to go with a gold bangle; however, I felt it was just too generic looking. If you're going to spend a considerable amount of money on jewelry, it should be special and distinctive. I selected three gold link bracelets for her, and she finally chose a Temple St. Clair bracelet that can become a charm bracelet, an excellent choice for someone who is just beginning to collect jewelry that she can pass on to her daughter.

Mission: Accomplished

U r 24K!


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