Friday, September 12, 2008

Well Stocked Bullseye Bodega

For 4 days beginning today, Target has opened 4 Bullseye Bodegas in Manhattan. Each shop sells Target's designer collaborated products for home, kids, men and women.

See, look how cute!

Visually, the Bodega is a very pleasant place to shop, very Andy Warhol.

Unfortunately, there are only 2 dressing rooms, but a lot of eye candy.

Everything is organized in a user friendly way. And there are plenty of sales people to assist with getting sizes that aren't out on the racks and shelves. Even when you're in the dressing room, they will get other sizes and merchandise for you.

I love these Converse vests; they're very Moncler looking!

Shoes by Sigerson Morrison, clothing by Jonathan Saunders, items for the home by Shabby Chic and Victoria Hagan are among the 22 designer varieties available for the urban consumer.

When I was in the store earlier today at around 11:30, the checkout line was pretty long. I couldn't wait on the line because I had to get to a fashion show. The sales person said putting the items on hold would not be a problem. When I went back to the store around 2:00, the items were waiting for me and there was no line. Bonus!

The Bullseye Bodega is right on Target!

U r 24K!



Anonymous said...

looks cute
they know what they are doing at target
cant get out of there with less than $100!

Anonymous said...

Me 2! I always find some superfab item there.