Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Michelle should also Banish Belts

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Because Michelle is high waisted, belts can be quite tricky. As seen on these two occasions, with bad belt placement, an otherwise chic and striking outfit can become awkward and highlight a feature that should not be accentuated. These outfits without the belt would have been dashing and smart. The belt in these two instances diminishes the fluidity and beauty of the garments.

With no pearls, cardigan, or belt in sight, Michelle is the most fashionable first lady in sight.

Bizarre pin placement, but finally an ensemble where pearls would actually work to Michelle's advantage; however, a long strand of pearls would have worked much better - think Coco Chanel.

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U r 24K!



Buffy said...

I like her yellow dress with the sweater coat and agree with your belt comments. I wonder why she does that. I also like the coat to the left of the pink dress. Any idea who makes those?

New York, New York said...

I think it's Isabel Toledo because the dress underneath it is.