Friday, May 7, 2010

2010 Central Park Conservancy "Hat" Lunch

This year was the 28th Annual Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon aka the Central Park Conservancy "Hat" Luncheon.

Unfortunately, I was so busy hostessing my peeps, I wasn't able to get photos of all the extraordinary head wear.

But I did capture the hats of nearby ladies.

Dots spotted as usual.

Interesting Color Palettes and Shapes

Feathers are always in fashion.

Great Mixes of Color, Pattern and Texture

Hat and Suit Perfectly Complement Each Other

Vani and Emily Perfectly Complement Each Other

Krom's Idea of Proper Nutrition

I received many requests from those who read about the making of my hat to see Krom wearing the hat along with the entire ensemble.

As I was leaving, this guy (the legendary Bill Cunningham of the New York Times) took my picture, a real KromStyle coup. We have had several encounters, and this is the first time he didn't look me up and down and move on.

This is an extraordinary way to spend the afternoon delicious food, amazing friends, abundant eye candy (the garden, the hats, and the famous), great conversationall honoring the people who make a difference in the life of the park and the city $ fundraising to keep Central Park looking superfabulous so it can be enjoyed by all.

As I was walking home, a man approached me and said, "That's the best hat I've ever seen". It doesn't get much better than that for KromStyle.

U r 24K!



B said...

tres cool!

K said...

is it true? IS IT THE DRESS???????
you look super super fabulous!
we'll be looking for you in the nytimes...
looks like you had nice warm weather too
love your hair

Jane said...

Ahhhh your crown of glory. It looked "superfab" and you looked terrific. No wonder BC finally took your pix. Love all the pix of the luncheon guests, table, food...... And what a glorious day you had - hope no one's hat blew off.