Thursday, April 29, 2010

Preparation for the 2010 Central Park Conservancy "Hat" Lunch

On Wednesday, May 5, 2010, I'm off to Central Park Conservancy's 28th Annual Frederick Law Olmsted Awards Luncheon. Each year, I look forward to this date on the social calendar because it's always an afternoon filled with the beauty of the Conservatory Garden, the resonant sounds of strings and horns, and a vibrant show of finery.

After decorating my hat for the last couple of years' lunches, I decided to make a tradition of it. As the year passes, I'm always on the lookout for supplies for this special project.

For this year's hat, I used two birds from last year's hat.

Last Year's Hat (Side and Back View)

A flower from gift wrapping on a present from my parents, a branch of faux ivy from Gracious Home, and a butterfly from the wrapping on a jewelry store purchase rounded out the ingredients for this year's hat.

Front View

Side View

Overhead and Back View

Recycling rules.


Two birds in the hand are worth less than two on a hat.

U r 24K!


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