Thursday, February 19, 2009

Barbie is Celebrating her 50th Birthday at Bloomingdale's

On the 2nd floor of Bloomingdale's is a shop selling Barbie everything.

There are cool Ts.

There are life sized mannequins wearing creations also designed for Barbie.

DVF Barbie

Blue and White Striped Swimsuit Barbie, Reproduction of 1959 Original

There is a coffee table book.

There is a 70's styled magazine purse designed by Patricia Field for $120.

Also on the 3rd Floor, iconic Barbies are displayed.

Krom's Favorites

Celebrity Barbies
Lucy and Desi


James Dean

Clark Gable

Marilyn Monroe

Elvis and Priscilla

Tippi Hedren and The Birds

and Cher

Old School Barbies
Ballet Dancer

Miss America

Olympic Swimmer


New School Barbies
Presidential Candidate

Alvin Ailey Dancer

Designer Barbies
MAC Cosmetics, 2007

Byron Lars, 2006

Christian Dior, 1997

Givenchy, 2000

Burberry, 2001

Barbies with Style
Ferrari Barbie

If Krom were a Barbie...

Fashion Designer

Fashion Editor

Party with Barbie!

U r 24K!



Anonymous said...

Execellent coverage! I must get over there to see them in person - although I am sure your pictures do it justice! Great story!

Anonymous said...

Great post. Thanks. I saved my Barbies for M. (including the 1950s ones I inherited from an older cousin) but she rejected them. Wonder what that means? Actually, one of my favorites was Skipper.

Julia said...

I have a question, one of your posts was about Barbie dolls and you actually took a picture of a barbie doll i've been trying to track down from my childhood. It's the barbie in the background of your Miss America Barbie doll. Do you by any chance know the name of that doll? I would greatly appreciate any leads. Thank you.

Krom said...


Unfortunately, I have no idea. I'm sorry to let you down. Good luck in your search!

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Barbie Everything Hope 2 see it in person

Anonymous said...

um excuse me Mr.krom other Anonymous person. Buffy or Julia can one of u please tell me if Barbie Everything still exists

Krom said...

No, unfortunately, Barbie's 50th Birthday was in 2009 so the dolls are no longer displayed in Bloomingdales.

Anonymous said...

oh man thank you anyway u by any chance know when the next anniversery will be for babie....cuz I would be delighted to go there

Anonymous said...

I am just a BIG fan of Barbie my dream is that if I don't become an actress in India then my 2nd choice is to be a Barbie model

Anonymous said...

I HAVE to know what state and city and mall or erever this place is located is at!! Is it always around or is it a once in a life time thing?

Anonymous said...

It's like a once in alifetime thing the anniversery was in 2009 big bummer.... BUT I think I know something that will cheer u up all the people out there who want to know.....well in Shangai, China is the world's 1st barbie store to ever open so if u like Barbie then 1 place to go wwould be Shangai