Monday, February 23, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Don't Even Get Me Started

You asked for it. You got it.

Krom's Wrap up of the 2009 Oscar Fashions

The Good

Alicia hit the right note!

Natalie nailed it!

Nice to see Tina not in black.

The necklace greatly enhanced the gown.

Freida looks like a million dollars!

Marion looks marvelous as usual.

Robin Wright (aka Mrs. Penn) rocks it!

The emerald earrings and ring bring this black gown to life!

Winslet wore this winning look wonderfully!

Despite all the critics, I think Tilda had one of the strongest and most captivating looks of the evening. Bravo Lanvin! Alber Elbaz, you are a genius.

Stunning! Everything works here.

From the hips up, the gown is beautiful. The overlay is just too much for Penelope or for anyone else, for that matter.

I am a fan of both dresses; although I think I prefer the dress Anne wore for her Nixon impersonation.

The Wrestler's girls both won me over.

Brad Pitt enhanced Ms. Jolie's gown as much as her earrings did.

Robert Downey, Jr. brought it!

Franco and Ahna O'Neil both look smart.

Double O Awesome

The Bad

From the neck up, Ms. Streep looked amazing, glowing even. The dress did her no favors.

Phoebe flounders in this misadventure in red.

Reese's first major fashion misstep. The colors and silhouette are all wrong for Reese.

Goldie, this message is for you: there is such a thing as age appropriate.

Fit's importance cannot be overemphasized!

The Don't Even Get Me Started

PS Hoffman has committed the fashion crime here.

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