Thursday, October 30, 2008

Central Park Finally Got a Chanel 2.55 Handbag

Enter Central Park at Fifth Avenue and 72nd Street; keep walking westward, along the street. Follow the chic Chanel signs; you have arrived.

These are the rules for getting tickets since all the timed tickets available through the Chanel Mobile Art website are sold out.

There are many rules here, but they are worth following.
Go up the stairs. All the people who will assist you henceforth are modeliscious and impeccably dressed in Chanel ensembles.

Notice this beautiful building on the way to the pod made out of mirrorized glass. This is where the cocktail parties were/are held to celebrate the pod, the art within, and Chanel. I've been in twice and the atmosphere is cozy with couches and fine beverages and hors d'oeuvres (too dimly lit for photos with my camera, so sorry).

Keep going.

If it's raining as it was the second time I visited, at least there are glamorous umbrellas!

Zaha Hadid's Perfect Pod

The Pod from another Angle

The voice of Jeanne Moreau waits for, transports and guides you through a mysterious and wonderfully odd world.

Inside One of Several Cardboard Boxes

Inside the Mind

S&M never looked so playful and fun.

The Ideal Pet

Amusing Toys

At last, the ultimate 2.55 handbag awaits your arrival, and all you can think is this would make an awesome clubhouse for meeting the girls to discuss important style matters and then having the most sophisticated slumber party ever!

All indoor art photos are courtesy of Cynthia Tomasini

Note: This is not all the art in the pod. There is more!

Next, it's time to get some souvenirs from your travels; three postcards are at the ready, expecting your arrival. What does emptying your bag mean? You will find out. Have a wish? Make it.

You MUST see it for yourself!

Meanwhile at the New York Chanel boutiques...

along with Limited Edition Handbags, there is art by a different artist at each boutique. At 15 East 57th Street is photography by Pierre et Gilles, and at 139 Spring Street, there is an installation by Soju Tao.

U r 24K!


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