Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sales, Sales, and More Sales

The economy is so scary that almost every store has a sale going on right now - Bloomingdale's, Gap, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, and the list goes on.

I'm not saying these sales are so superfab you have to rush right over or go to their websites immediately, but I am letting you know in case there is some Fashion Emergency.

Calypso's Offer

Neiman Marcus has started to put its current season merchandise on sale; however, there is much more summer merchandise here, and that should be reduced much further (if the website is any indication).

Here is where the real Neiman Marcus bargains are, if you want to shop for next summer.

Saks has started its Sale season.

And lastly, this is a warehouse sale so if you need stuff for the home, you should check it out.

I personally will be waiting until Thanksgiving or after Christmas to buy any wardrobe additions except for, of course, the occasional superfab sample sale of which there have been a few lately. Last week there was a Christofle and Vivre sample sale at which I scored a Ports 1961 down coat for $130 and a Lucien Pallet-Finet belt for $70. And all you have to do to find these bargains is click on Soiffer-Haskin's Sale Schedule which is always on KromStyle's sidebar.

U r 24K!


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