Sunday, October 19, 2008

Adding a Pinch of Palin Made SNL SuperFab

Of course, Sarah Palin and Tina Fey were in the opening skit of SNL, and as usual it was hysterical. Lorne Michaels, Alec Baldwin and Mark Wahlberg were thrown in for good measure. It was wholly entertaining, but in the usual SNL way.

The performances below highlight the brilliance of which those at SNL are capable. As you know, SNL is the home of many incredibly clever and humorous Raps such as Lazy Sunday and Natalie Raps. But last night, SNL and Amy Poehler outdid themselves! Check this!

Kenan Thompson is one of my faves on SNL; you NEED to see Jean K. Jean.

Vivre la France!

U r 24K!


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