Thursday, August 7, 2008

Takashimaya's Terrific Tea Box

On Fifth Avenue between 54th and 55th Streets, Takashimaya sits waiting for your arrival; it is a respite from the crowds of Fifth Avenue. Its restaurant, the Tea Box, is located on the lower level, and has a shop for teas and other Japanese delicacies such as Yoku Moku cookies (expensive, but delicious). Sometimes you can find Yoku Moku's on sale at Saks or Neiman Marcus during/after the winter holidays.


Japanese Cookies, Vegetable and Sugar


The restaurant has two sections. The first section you walk into consists mainly of tables with chairs (not too much ambiance here). After passing the first section, you arrive in the second section of the restaurant which is small, but makes you feel as if you are inside a jewel box. The second section is lined with silver walls and banquettes. In addition to iced tea, I love banquettes!

There are iced tea refills, of course!

This is the Japanese version of grilled cheese. The accompanying salad is tastier than you expect. Very delicious!

Salmon on pressed rice with seaweed salad is my favorite thing to eat at Takashimaya.

The desserts are wonderful too. Dried fruit dipped in chocolate, Yoku Moku cookies, green tea creme brulee, chocolate mousse tart, and the classic gateau au chocolat (chocolate cake) are tried and true.

Tea Box gets

out of 3 glasses of iced tea

Tea Box's Vitals

693 Fifth Avenue
(800)753-2038, (212)350-0100
Lunch 11:45 - 2:45, Afternoon Tea 3:00 - 5:30, Monday - Saturday
Tea Box's menu

U r 24K!


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I haven't been there in ages but need to go after seeing your delish pictures. YUM!