Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Leave It to Ghesquiere to Start Yet Another Trend

Nicolas Ghesquiere's version of an Arab scarf for Balenciaga, Fall/Winter 2007

At Intermix, Chan Luu's version for $175

At pixie market, Asli Filinta's version for $163

More Colors

H&M's version for $9

You could decorate this scarf yourself with embroidery in bright colors a la Ghesquiere.

I loved Ghesquiere's multicultural approach to the 2007 collection. I would wear this scarf (the H&M version with my embellishments) with classically tailored clothing such as a navy or black blazer and fitted trousers.

What's great about this scarf is it can be had at many different price points depending on your budget and aesthetic.

U r 24K!


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