Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's Thirsty Thursday at KromStyle

To quench that thirst, I've got just what you need...
Coach X Billy Reid Cocktail Set, $600
This is what Coach has to say... From our design partnership with the Alabama-based designer Billy Reid comes the limited edition Kentucky Cocktail Set, a distinctive item for hosts who appreciate the finer points of presentation. After visiting the Coach archive, Reid was inspired by our tradition of creating men’s lifestyle products to design a portable bar set with all the essentials. Handsomely crafted in smooth leather and lined in a custom jacquard Reid designed for his dinner jackets, it includes everything you need to create the perfect cocktail for your guests. I'm not usually a proponent of Coach products, but this accessory seems essential.
You only need to possess beautiful things. 
U r 24K!

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