Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gimme Gorgeous

I couldn't have come up with a better name... Good thing Katja Bartholmess is the brains behind this operation.

Katja's Comme des Garcons Nails
Too busy to go to the salon?

Gimme Gorgeous promises to deliver all your beauty needs.

Seamless brings food so Katja thought, why can't beauty services be delivered?  The idea was born when Katja was sick and stuck at home. She was able to have her food and other things delivered, but not her salon visits. And so this skilled beauty brand strategist didn’t hesitate a second, she came up with Gimme Gorgeous.
Invite some friends over and Live Large
Katja wants to make sure that gorgeous follows you wherever you want to receive beauty services whether it be at home, the office or the place you have to wait while your toddler takes gym or music class.  Katja, originally from Berlin, is launching her brand new start up Gimme Gorgeous in New York and Berlin.
Gimme Gorgeous will function as a website and an app which will allow you to book visits from your favorite salons in the area where you are.

If you subscribe to Gimme Gorgeous, there will be invitations.

This appeared in my Inbox:
Lunch Nails in the Park
Coming up: Madison Square Park and Bryant Park
Do you live or work near Madison Square Park or Bryant Park? Do you like perfect nails?

-- Then today's message is just for you! (If you're nowhere near there and feel left out, get in touch.)

Next Monday (August 5),
we will set up Camp Gorgeous at both parks and would love to do your nails while the birds are coo-cooing and the leaves are lush and lovely around us.

No eating at your desk on Monday. We would really love if you came out and got your nails did. (Gimme Gorgeous is so new and we are testing awesome ways to get you gorgeous.)
Madison Square Park: between 11:45am and 1:00pm
Bryant Park: between 1:15pm and 2:30pm(It's just $15 for filing, polish, and one piece of nail art per hand. Super secure credit card payment with Paypal -- you don't need an account.)

Meet your Lunch Manicurist

The nail artrice Claire Beaudreault is a fully licensed specialty manicurist who works at Freckle Salon in Brooklyn and on independent endeavors. Her latest nail feats include an editorial in Vogue Spain and look books for Carven and Free People.  She's already booked solid for New York Fashion Week. 

Getting Nails Done in the Park
Build it... They will come.

U r 24K!



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