Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Camera Ready

Personal Trainer and much more, Colleen Wahl, had an upcoming TV appearance, and needed to look authoritative, sporty and chic. One call to KromStyle, and Colleen was ready for her close-up.

Black Vince leggings and a striped shirt from H&M form the foundation of this look. A Stussy gray sweatshirt-like tunic, and black patent Mary Janes add style and femininity.

As a personal trainer, Colleen always thinks of the total person, and his/her personal path for success as a stronger, more flexible, and better aligned person. She hones in on a person's inequities and weaknesses, and harnesses the strength of the individual to forge a path to improvement and accomplishment. Colleen's website, move into greatness, describes the services she provides, who she is, and her facilities.

Since I have been training with her, I feel more powerful and flexible, and most importantly, can fit into my white jeans.
U r 24K!


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Anonymous said...

is that your booty? looks pretty good to me!