Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fashion and the First Lady, Michelle Obama

I wasn't going to write about Michelle's inauguration wardrobe because I thought the clothes should speak for themselves, especially since they were created by such gifted designers with a strong point of view. It's so easy to criticize from the sofa, so to speak, but I feel pressure to do so since this is such a historic occasion. There is one other caveat to my recommendations; I can only judge these outfits from photographs and TV appearances which may be different from up close and personal viewing. I have discovered that, by nature, I am a tweaker; taking inspiration from what's before my eyes, I often see an incompleteness and visually want more from the subject matter at hand.

Love the J. Crew outfit from this view.

Michelle, at the Kids' Inaugural Concert

Upon closer inspection, skirt - great, shoes - great (she was wearing the same green Jimmy Choos or J. Crews she wore to the Inaugural Ceremony; I'm not sure of the brand due to conflicting reports), belt - got to go!

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The belt still has got to go! Very unflattering (makes Michelle look heavier than she is).

Michelle, Volunteering at Operation Gratitude

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Michelle, now you're talking. The coat is great, and the purple gloves therewith - uber superfab!

Michelle, Boarding the Whistle Stop Train Tour

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While Narciso Rodriguez is an excellent designer, I thought Michelle could have handled and used more color in the blouse department. The skirt, coat, and shoes - totally working!

The Obamas at the We Are One, Opening Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial

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Here are some blouses I would have liked to have seen with the Narciso Rodriguez:
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The necklace from the first look could have added much needed color to the black and camel ensemble or a blouse made of the fabric from the black, white and yellow dress could have been very flattering.

I heart Isabel Toledo as you are well aware; however, this outfit was a little QEII for me. I would have put a printed dress or a dress of a contrasting color underneath this regal coat. The shoes and gloves together are a bit of a clash. Pick one green accessory and then move on to another color.

Michelle, on the Day of the Inaugural Ceremony

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The dress below with colorful details or a dress made from the jacket's luxurious purple fabric could have added some zip to the golden ensemble.

Loved the silhouette and texture of the Jason Wu dress, but it's a bit bridal for me because of the color. Any of these colors would have worked better although I think Jason Wu is a very talented designer.

The Obamas at an Inaugural Ball

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This picture doesn't do Michelle or this Tracy Feith dress justice. I thought Michelle looked radiant from head to toe; she gets Krom's stamp of approval on this one! IMPORTANT NOTE: Tracy Feith will be a guest designer at Target beginning May 17th. I can't wait!

The Obamas at the National Prayer Service

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Here's to many more Michelle sightings!

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Anonymous said...

i loved this dispatch!
loved the erdem and the tracy feith dress
love k

Anonymous said...

Thanks K.

Anonymous said...

Great critique. I hope she hires you. B
P.S. I heard the olive green gloves were from J. Crew.

Anonymous said...

That is true about the gloves and thanks.