Monday, October 6, 2008

Krom Knows Vest

Chloe Shearling Vest, $1,995 at Intermix, 1003 Madison Avenue in New York

The Chloe vest also comes in a chalky white that I especially covet!

Converse One Star Vest (looks very Moncler), $39.99

Cassin Silver Fox Fur Vest, $1,195

Miguel Adrover for Hess Natur, $700

Resale shops are also excellent places to look for Vests; I snagged a shearling vest (Postcard, Made in Italy) for $60 last year. So you never know what you may find! Happy Hunting!

U r 24K!



buffy said...

Great minds think alike. I saw an aubergine dyed fox vest that I liked. I think it was from NM but I can't find it online.

Anonymous said...

Sounds v. cute!