Thursday, March 12, 2009

Preparation for the 2009 Central Park Conservancy "Hat" Luncheon

After decorating my hat for last year's Frederick Law Olmsted (FLO) Awards Luncheon, I decided to make a tradition of it. As the year passes, I'm always on the lookout for supplies for this project. At this year's Chocolate Show, one chocolate company was using blue birds as part of its gift packaging. When I saw the birds neatly lined up on the table, I immediately thought of the "Hat" Lunch. I explained to the woman at the counter what I wanted to do with one of their birds, and she gladly let me select a bird to join me for lunch.

My friend Jane who introduced and accompanied me to the Chocolate Show, later saw this pink bird on display at a department store. With me in mind, she asked the salesperson about the bird, and he said go ahead and take it.


The hat is an inexpensive straw hat I bought a few years ago with the "Hat" Lunch in mind. The final ingredient was the leaves. They were left over from another project, and I thought the colors worked well together. After I collected all the materials, the design fell into place.

Remember a bird in the hand is worth less than two on a hat.

U r 24K!



Anonymous said...

Love it. I hope we're going to get to see it with the outfit.

Anonymous said...

You know you will!

Anonymous said...

I loooooooooove your hat, it's fabulous! Of course,
I now am checking your blog constantly!