Thursday, November 6, 2008

Michelle's Slightly Evolving Style

Narciso Rodriguez Spring, 2009 Runway

Photo courtesy of

Is the dress great? You bet!

Is the way Michelle is wearing it as superfab as it could be? Unfortunately, NO.

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, Election Night

Photo courtesy of Shawn Thaw/EPA

Why Michelle has to preppify everything with either a cardigan or pearls, I'm not sure. This dress looks like an animal in a cage as worn by Mrs. Obama. The dress is fierce, but is made to look dowdy and prim by the black cardigan and dainty diamond earrings - Lose Them!

Here are the accessories that should accompany this great dress:

Lucifer Vir Honestus or Ileana Makri Earrings

or Cristina Rotondaro Earrings

A High and a Low Shoe Choice
Bottega Veneta or Pierre Hardy

or BCBGirls or Givenchy, if Michelle really feels like living on the edge...

or Jean Schlumberger Earrings from Tiffany, How can you go wrong?

Your thoughts?

U r 24K!



buffy said...

Wow. It does look totally different (and better). I pick the 1st pair of earrings and shoes. But what are we going to do if she wants to cover her shoulders?

Anonymous said...

once again u have nailed it

man those heinous and expensive caged gladiator shoes are growing on me damn it

Anonymous said...

If she wants to cover her shoulders, she should wear a different dress. There are many dresses out there with sleeves!

Anonymous said...

The Givenchy shoes are awesome!

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking about her in that damn dress ever since Obama's amazing speech. I could not believe that dress was Narcisco. I agree with you Krom - if she wanted to cover her shoulders she should have picked a different dress. It looked so moderate on her. Let's cut her some slack though, I am sure she will bring change to the white house in January.

Anonymous said...

Very good point!