Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Krom's 2012 Golden Globe Girls and a Dog

My fave

Bordeaux Beauties

What a hottie!

Neutrality with a Point of View

Bombshells in Black

Not Ewan, but the wife, Eve
(an abundance of unusual details yields sophistication)

Color Conveying Individuality

If you want to make a spectacular impression, rules of business communication can be implemented when choosing your outfit. One very important element is taking advantage of the unexpected, a common theme in all my picks.

U r 24K!



Anonymous said...

Yes yes yes except Michelle Williams and the headband. Ick.
And yes Krom you the man. You always have the eagle eye for the subtleties of style. You are number one.
Love, kirstoner

Anonymous said...

I liked the first girl and the last girls dresses! Also that was a really cute dog!!!!!!!!!!! But not as cute as mine!!!!!! From Giulia