Sunday, October 11, 2009

Michelle Obama: Wins-Losses-Ties

Michelle's Best Look
(Color, Jewelry, Fit perfectly compliment each other and Michelle.)

Full Silhouette

The color, pattern and shape of this dress are very flattering. Michelle should choose more clothes that float away from the body.

Here pattern and scale work for her.

Close-up View

Again, pattern and scale working to wonderful effect.

This shape is great for Mrs. O. Again, the bottom half of the dress flows away from the body.

Looking Good, Looking Casual

Way too much going on here. Tribal, romantic, preppy, dainty, tough: We have a lot of choices, but we have to make decisions.

Not the right cut for the first lady.

Overall, I like the concept of this outfit. The pattern, color and shape are sensational, but upon further inspection a not so complimentary thing is happening at the waist. The spreading of a top underneath a belt makes one look heavy.

Further Inspection

A negative or large feature should not be accentuated. The feathery detail is not doing Mrs. Obama any favors.

The fit or cut of the trousers is very unflattering. A looser or more fluid style would be better.

The scale of the pattern and fit of the dress work against her.

In Banana Republic's windows, they are styling the mannequins with sweaters, tops and belts worn this way. Just because a famous person does something doesn't make it any less scary.

I just don't get this.

Very Standard for Mrs. O, but I do like the drape detail at her waist.

Cute dress, but the sweater and jewelry do not need to match. Too Garanimals!

Not a bad look for Michelle, but the pleats at the waistline coupled with the narrowing of the dress towards the hemline produce an unflattering, puffy effect at her mid-section.

Side Views

Great dress, but the necklace is all wrong, in scale and length.

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Photos courtesy of Yahoo! News

Michelle's record: 7-8-5

We'll have to see how she does next season.

U r 24K!


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