Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Loving Fan Writes...

Dear Kromstyle,
After a superfabulous vacation and shopping extravaganza in LA, I am
finding myself in need of 2 things to fill in the wardrobe.
Any tips on where to find a
1. fitted long-sleeved cotton ribbed turtleneck sweater (black) to
wear under a superfabulous boho vintage dress,
2. an ivory-colored waffle thermal undershirt, long-sleeved also.
It's cold in chi-town in the winter.

Thanks kromstyle,
a loving fan

Dear Loving Fan,

Here is what you need:

1. Black turtleneck options

I don't think your black turtleneck should be ribbed. If you're going to wear a black turtleneck under other garments it should not be bulky, rather it should be a fine knit and very form fitting.

Gap (cotton blend), $34.50[Left] Bloomingdales (merino wool), $78[Center] Bloomingdales (cashmere),$128[Right]

Click Images for Details

2. Waffle thermal undershirt

I think you should go for a white thermal shirt over ivory as it's more complimentary to most skin tones, and more neutral for layering.

American Apparel, $20

Happy hunting and keep looking SuperFabulous.

U r 24K!


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