Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Averell Week on KromStyle

Earlier this week, purple gold a.k.a. Averell Damson Gin was covered. Now it's on to the man and his Cup.

Celebrating over a quarter-century of Polo tradition between The University of Virginia and Yale, the Harriman Cup is a Polo Match and social event commemorating the life of Diplomat, Polo Player, and Former New York Governor Averell Harriman. The Harriman Cup was founded in 1984 to promote awareness of Polo and to support the collegiate Polo programs at Yale and UVA.

Going all out, Consuming in Style

Glad to be out of Pleasantville...

Plaid Never Disappoints

Double D asked me how the event was. "Very ginghamy", I replied. And lots of dogs.

None as cute as Drigsy though.

Not a Problem, if You don't have the Outfit.

Fascinators Meeting Fascinators

fas·ci·na·tor (f s -n t r). n. 1. One that fascinates. 2. A woman's headpiece, a style of millinery.



like to hang together

Individuals in Every Crowd

OK, so there was a Polo Match.

But first, the National Anthem is sung.

Midway through the game, all are invited to repair divets.

More drinking and chatting than actually improving field conditions...

but I think this guy was looking for his pants...

found them, over here.

Love the uniform, and the obliviousness

Game Over

Urban Adventurer Enjoying an afternoon of Polo

Poor Man's Polo

Boots Make the Man...

That's what I'm talking about.

My friend, Brenda and the Ambassador of Polo and Ralph Lauren model, Nacho Figueroa

Camo's not very effective here...

It was like leaving a picture postcard...

It's all there for the on the wall or thein the over the and .

U r 24K!


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