Thursday, October 14, 2010

Beauty+Recycling+Sustainability+Developing Businesses in Africa=UberSuperFabulous

Kora's handmade jewelry features recycled materials found and used by local artisans in African developing communities. The long-term sustainability of its producers is important. By paying fair prices for the products, Kora provides the artisans with the crucial capital to build their businesses.

The heart pendant [$90] is handcrafted in Kenya from recycled cow bone that has been dyed and sanded to highlight the natural grain. The earrings [$45] are sterling silver and recycled Ankole cow horn.

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The padlock charm [$88] was hand-carved in Kenya from recycled cow bone, and the chain is sterling silver. The bracelet's [$45] aluminum spike beads are hand-cast from recycled car parts and cooking pots made in Kenya, and the black beads are onyx.

The bracelet's [$45] black horn spike beads are recycled Ankole cow horn made in Kenya.

When working with nature, mankind flourishes and looks Superfabulous.

U r 24K!


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